Spring Forward – This Burst of Energy will help Birth your Next Assignment!

Driving home from work yesterday I passed children walking home from school, I saw an elderly man walking his dog and thought….. “Why are we so blessed.” Our father in heaven is ALWAYS so gracious to bless us that often we overlook or may not even be aware of it. As time pass we age, our children get older, and things start to change around us. God continues to provide for us daily, and eventually there’s a tug on our hearts to also be a blessing to others.

It’s March 1st, with Spring just around the corner our spirit is also BURSTING to bring forth Newness! What is this newness we crave? Is it the onset of spring that causes us to be anxious and scramble endlessly wondering our next move. Why is there so much unrest in our spirit? Why can’t we sleep? These are just a few questions that we may ask ourselves daily. These questions we all know lead to other questions. The what’s next question …

Is God calling you to Spring Forward?

I challenge you today to ask God to reveal your next assignment! His Precious Ointment is upon YOU today! Be a blessing to someone and see how it makes you feel! 🙂

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