The Roses in our Life…

Flowers have always been on the top of the list of gifts I like to receive. It’s something about other LIFE that excites me and encourages me to embrace the LIFE that God has given me – Every Breath!

For me, it’s about seeing something or someone else’s existence and how we ALL have to rely on someone or something to survive. This rose will surely not live as long as it CAN without someone who will make sure it has water and sunlight. That someone will most likely be ME! 🙂

My boss walked into my office yesterday and placed this rose on my desk and said with a big SMILE ”It’s Employee Appreciation Month!” Awww, so sweet we think initially. But in deeper thought, after she thanked me for all my hard work, smiled and ran off to her next meeting, I thought ”that was fast.” To fill everyone in, I hardly EVER see my boss. I thought – HOW Nice of her because she is very busy!

You see just as the rose and Dawn  has to rely on others for things, so does our Father. He call us daily to share our precious Ointment. God has equipped each and every one of us with what we need for EVERY Desire that he place in our heart. Evaluate your surroundings, ask God to show you the Roses he has placed in your life. There are people in your life that rely on YOU! Let’s seek God for Him to point them out to us. This may be your neighbor, the woman at the next drive thru window or even a SOMETHING like your Pet! 🙂

In all – embrace LIFE, Live, Nurture and Appreciate all the Roses God has placed in your life! I appreciate You ALL! ❤️

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