The Tug that I Needed – Giving Our First!

The sun was not shy about lighting my bedroom this morning. I had set my alarm to go off for 9:45am; it was barley 8’oclk when the Lord opened my eyes. After realizing I’d not slept as long as I wanted, I grabbed my phone to check for missed calls and instantly found myself scrolling Facebook. Before I knew it I was in tears because I’d realized I had not even Thanked God for waking me up this morning. I’d also run across a few articles on Facebook about how normal citizens like YOU and I had gone out of their way to help a stranger, here I was lying in bed scrolling Facebook. I think what a waste of the few extra minutes God had given me to prepare for Sunday morning worship. That was the TUG ON MY Heart that I needed to snap me back into reality. Because I had missed a few calls from hubby the night before human nature lead me to instantly check my phone before “Giving God MY First”– my first thought, before even thanking Him for not having to rely on the alarm I’d set the night before. I thank God for correction; I thank Him for constantly showing US just how special we are to HIM.

We arrived at church right as the 11’oclk service was starting. We met HIM there – the Spirit of the Lord had already saturated the sanctuary. The worship team sang a few songs and Pastor Randy took the stage. One of the first things I’d realized was it’s the FIRST Sunday in March. How significant I think… New Day, New Week, New Month.

The title of the message today was “It all Belongs to God.” Pastor Randy is teaching the importance of giving because what we have ALL belongs to God anyway. Psalms 24:1 tells us “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” The holy spirit also led Pastor Randy to remind us that it’s not only important to GIVE but he tied in the significance of giving God our FIRST. Of course by now you know I’d gotten the picture. “God wants the “FIRST” in every area of our life.  

Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: it is mine. Exodus 13: 2

God even requires that we offer our FIRST born child back to him… 

Someone may be thinking, “as long as I Give – that is ENOUGH.” But in Genius chapter 4 verses 3 – 5 God uses Cain and Abeles giving to show how important OUR First is to Him… Both brothers GAVE, but God had no respect for Cain’s gift.

Most of us are givers. The Precious Ointment that God has placed upon us ALL help lead us to sow as there’s a need. TRUST God, ask yourself today, “Am I just a giver or AM I making sure to give GOD my First?” 

Now, I’m not telling you that you will wake up everyday and remember to Thank God before doing anything else but making a conscious effort will surely TUG on the Fathers Heart… ❤️

Lana Lynch

2 thoughts on “The Tug that I Needed – Giving Our First!”

    1. Thanks Ashley for taking the time to read ”The Tug that I needed” article! Please feel free to share. We trust that God will continue to encourage your heart. Partner with us in prayer as we continue to share His Precious Ointment with readers all over the WORLD! ❤️


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