Find A Spot – Embrace Lifeo

God formed man’s body of the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Genesis 2:7 A lot of what you’ll read about here on Precious Ointment is LIFE. Living! Life that has been given to every creature, living organisms, the lives we live for the glory of God daily. I promised myself a long time ago I would make a conscious effort to make the best of each day God gives me. So many of us work and take care of our families that we often forget to take a few minutes for ourselves. A few minutes to make sure WE are ok. Unless our vessels are full we are unable to pour into the lives of others…

Hopefully you are taking time to allow God to refill your vessels.

There’s this particular spot in a park a few miles from our home. This spot’s my favorite because it sits next to a flowing stream of water. Here I am able to enjoy so many things. A few feet over there’s also a small basketball court. I am able to watch locals of all ages enjoy shooting basketball . What I love the most is sitting listening to the different sounds coming from animals and critters, watching the wind carry leaves freely. In this spot I am able to embrace peace, meditate on God. Here I am able to be refilled.

What are some of the things you do to embrace LIFE?

Do you have a spot?

If so, What do you enjoy about YOUR time there?

Ask yourself these questions.

Embrace LIFE, take time for yourself and allow God to refill your vessel.

Lana Lynch

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