Blessing in Brokenness…

I have convinced myself that no one cries as much as I do – I’ll take that Oscar home any day.  Most of the time my tears are tears of Joy but in some cases I’m deeply broken and confused. 

I cry when I hear of good news, and even when someone I love is leaving me. As a 7-8 year old little girl I could not understand why I could not stop crying after hearing of the passing of my Grandfather. He had become a really old man by the time I was born, so we were not really that close. Summer visits were really the only time I’d get to see him.  Even then as a kid, I’d embrace my emotions and have NEVER felt bad about being an emotional mess sometimes. 

What I realized early was that we are Emotional creatures. We are made to be able to express ourselves. For years both men and women may have felt the need to hide or hold in their emotions but holding in our emotions I found does more damage than just letting it out!

I speak of emotion because lately I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve caught myself crying because I look at how much my kids have grown, I’ve even felt lonely and cried. 

You probably think how can I get anything done if I’m always so emotional? 

I’d like to encourage you Today! It’s OK to cry!! It’s ok to feel emotions and even express how you feel. It’s OK! God actually showed me how my emotions are a “Gift”. One of the gifts that keeps giving! See my brokenness has changed lives. Through my brokenness people are encouraged and spirits are renewed. In my brokenness I am able to encourage YOU. Encourage you to know that God is our source! My mom made us learn Psalms 23 as a child. I love her. This scripture has helped me get through some of my most difficult times. 

The Lord is our Shepherd and even when we are feeling emotional we should TRUST that he is doing HIS Best work in us. 

You should try it! The next time you are feeling broken or overwhelmed with emotions, I challenge you to use that time to sow seeds of encouragement into someone else. Pray and ask God to lead you to the someone who may need you today! 

I did, and God told me that someone was YOU!

Be encouraged – There’s a Blessing in OUR Brokenness.

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