Your Story is different for a Reason – our VOICE…


Friends, I hope today I find you doing well. This is not just another day, I pray we are intentional in our efforts to seek God for all that he will have for us to do on THIS SIDE of glory. I come to encourage you today. We all come from different walks of life but have experienced some of the same things that others may be dealing with RIGHT NOW.

Psalms 23 reminds us that there will be “valleys of Shadows of death”, but we fear NO evil because God will be with thee.  We all have Valleys. God’s grace is sufficient for thee! So often we do not feel compelled to share our experiences with others, maybe out of fear of being judged. Maybe we feel like complete IDOITS as if we could have changed things. Changed our situations. Everything we go through is used to refine US, allow us to GROW, mature spiritually and physically.

Allow me to help you today my friends. Your story is different for a reason. God can use YOUR VOICE to bring NEW Revelations. I want you to understand YOUR VOICE is important. God speaks to others through US when we share our experiences. When we share with others how time-after-time God ALWAYS shows up for us.

I went to a conference today and one of the speakers, MY DEAR FRIEND spoke on Darkness. Darkness to most maybe frightening. Why is darkness frightening to some and not others? You see  – we all see things differently. Janice Sanders, a great inspirational speaker and Woman of GOD, helped us see through scripture how TREASURES are found in darkness.. I’ll have to share her message with you all later… It will Bless You!

After the conference one lady shared her testimony about how she will never SEE Darkness the same. Today God showed me clearly how important it is to use OUR VOICE.

God gives us all revelations if we seek him. Don’t let anyone back you into a corner. Don’t allow anyone to silence you. Use your Voice. Lets continue to use the word of God and the Blessings we find in our valleys to lift and encourage our brothers and sisters that they ARE NOT ALONE. Share with someone today how God Blessed you in a Valley Experience..




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